Sunday, March 24, 2013

Frustrating Morning on the Blog!

I was all pumped at 4am, going to redo Pheona's blog page. Update it...get rid of the Pumpkin...find something light & springy. Well it seems that since my last post, Blogger has changed a bit and the way I could edit my page is no longer the same.... actually it seems impossible. I have not found a way to load a new header or delete the old header....all I could figure out was to accept one of their templates which I thought would remove the Pumpkin....NOT! So, after 2 hours of trying I am giving up and unless someone out there in Blogger Land can tell me.... I am stuck for life with the Pumpkin on my header ! I know it was an image I loaded..tried deleting that from the HTML, but in Preview....still the Pumpkin. That was the only image available to delete. So, as we get ready for Pheona's Spring opening in just a few weeks.....please ignore my pumpkin header and focus on the great pictures of what the girls will offer this season. They are all working hard painting, setting up and the place is looking awesome. Watch for more posts in the next week or so......looking forward to seeing every one April 12th from 6pm to 8pm or April 13 from 8am to 3pm.


  1. Not sure this will help but not long ago, I had to switch to Google Chrome. Also, I'll send the address of the blog that has helped me along the way. Good luck! Jan

  2. Here's the blog address

  3. Thanks Jan I will try ....I heard we might have to Change to Chrome...I have not done that yet.