Sunday, July 11, 2010

Pheona's Sat. Sale What a day!

We had such a fabulous day at Pheona's Sat. The weather was beautiful...the rains came earlier in the week so we could have all the "Junk" on the lawn. I know the girls and guy's got very "hot" in the afternoon that were working on the lawn I heard the bank thermometer said 97 degrees in the late afternoon! We made many new friend say lots of old friends and many, many treasure went to new homes. One comment from a young, very much on love couple....he said "do you like it"....she said "No....I love it" the Possum Belly now has a new home.
I have such a great group of dealers...they work so hard to pull everything together to make this work every month. We move in and out to keep it fresh so each month is different. I felt my room had gotten a LOT stale and I was not doing as good as my several of my things went on the lawn this month prices slashed.
We appreciate all of our customers that come to the monthly sale it continues to grow each month. I had at least 3 people ask me about setting up yesterday who knows what Aug and Sept will bring!
If you are looking for specific items please let us know, we may have it stashed somewhere so we can look for it when we are out "picking". See you soon........

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Pheona's Open July 10

Pheona's will be opne Sat July 10, we are so excited and again we are packed the the rafters! We will have 2 dealers on the lawn and one on the porch. The pictures are just a sampling of what you will see. We are cleaning out the 12x20 shed today so there is no telling what we will find in I am slashing prices on a few pieces that I am tired of moving around and need to move-em out! So come early Sat for best selection most sale items will be on the lawn...only a couple are in the building.
Hope to see you Sat.....Sheila and everyone at Pheona's
ps, I have the top to the possum belly ...James was still working on it and I forget to take a picture when we put it all together!