Friday, February 10, 2012

Ozarks Festival of The Ozarks Feb 11 & 12

We will be set up at the Fairgrounds with about 70 other antique dealers Feb 11 & 12 for the Antique Festival of the Ozarks show. There are dealers from all over the country set up with some great stuff. there are pictures posted on their Facebook page of many items for sale this weekend. Check out the pictures I have posted on Facebook on Pheona's page for a preview of what we will have. I would post the photos here except.......I have this new iPad and it seems that even though I was told I could blog....which I can....I am not able,to load any of the pictures from the iPad to my blog page! If it is possible I have not been able to figure it out. Technology is a wonderful thing IF you make the correct purchase for what you need to do and want to do!

Well Come see what you can find at then show this weekend is goona be a good one.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Pheona's 3 mail boxes & rusty old bike

Well I picked up my new issue of Flea Market Gardens this morning .....I just love this magazine.
So many great ideas in there, beautiful flowers to drewl over. I had been tipped off last night that there was a picture of the 3 mail boxes and the old rusty bike in the front of Pheona's on page 37. I needed to verify since I knew of no photo being published. It sure was the front of Pheona's, the 3 mail boxes with geraniums and the old rusty bike. a little embarrassing since I had not weeded in a while, I always weed before market so must have been taken a week or 2 before market. Pretty exciting to be in Flea Market Gardens, just wish they would have listed Billings, Mo as the location of where the photo was taken. One thing I have learned, I must keep those weeds taken care of better. You just never know who will be taking pictures or where they will show up!