Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Relic's Is having a Party... come join us

Relic's Antique Mall is having an Anniversary party: Mimosa Party & Sale, Friday, Sat. & Sunday. There will be sales posted throughout the building depending on the dealer. We are located in Q32 which is all the way to the back wall ...the booth with all the white pillars. We will be hanging sale tags from specific items so be sure and look for those tags. There are several Pheona's dealers that have booths in Relics most are located the row that run south from our booth. Come out this weekend relax, shop a little...have a Mimosa we just may see you there, James & I will be serving Mimosa's Sunday........

Sunday, June 12, 2011

We had a great Day, a Great Market

We had a great Market, the weather was beautiful..not to hot...not to cool...just right! These photos are of items that came Sat. morning. We had 7 dealers outside ....so much stuff to choose from. There are a few pictures of piles started ....going to new homes. The collection in the piles started early! I was able to get just a couple of shots of early shoppers, I would love to get more but I have to be inside behind the counter. I need to have someone to take pictures for a few hours so I can post them! I need to work on that. When I started this dream, my wish is to have dealers fill the building and fill the lawn. Building is full, people waiting to get in. This month, we had dealers from the alley to the front edge of the Ole house. We have rebuilt the Hwy 60 porch so as we turn the corner it is available to rent. We can always make room for dealers outside, James & I try to fill in the hill...it is too hard to put a tent there and most of our things can weather over night. We have the porch on his workshop available so if you think you might want to join us as we grow let me know. We have lots of fun. It's a great group!
We really appreciate all of our customers that come every month. We hope that you find something that you are looking for...that one treasure. If you are searching for something let us know, we can watch for it as we search during the month and maybe pick it up for you. Thanks for coming this month ...hope to see you July 9th. Have a great Holiday....be safe!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Tomorrow is the Sale......

Tomorrow is Sale day at Pheona's everyone has worked very hard.....we have lots and lots of good Junque. Come see ...we just might have something you need. We open at 8am...will close at 4. The weather will be much better this month than it was last month when everyone sat around in coats & gloves! Hope to see you Sat.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

It's Sale Time at Pheona's Sat. June 11 @ 8am

First a huge thank-you to Phil & Gretchen for helping to replace the front porch at Pheona's. It has been bad for a while and on our project list. Phil & Gretchen had some supplies from replacing their deck. They came to the shop early on a Sunday and by mid day it was done. It looks so much better ...plus I do not have to worry about someone getting on it and falling through!
Here are a few photo's for you to preview before our sale. Not everyone is finished setting up there will be many more treasures than what you see here. Outside so far I have 7 dealers and inside is full as always.
Hope you can make it to the sale Sat. I'm sure we have something you have been looking for!