Saturday, November 5, 2011

More Photo's To Preview before Open House Nov. 11 & 12

A few more photo's for you as we work through the house getting ready for Friday night and Sat. Some of the girls are finished but not me....I am still working on my space! It takes me forever to plan and dig things out, move it here then move it there! But it all part it the process.
I want to tell you about the piece with the lights and cardinals in it, this is hanging over my counter. It was made by 2 ladies who call their company The Tangled Tree...I just love this piece, it looks awesome over my counter. They also may an arbor which is in front of the house that you will pass under as you enter the is also awesome. They will be set up on the lawn in a tent for open house. They will custom make design you a piece like they did for me, but they will have pieces ready to purchase also. Keep watching I will post more in a day or 2......

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