Sunday, April 1, 2012

Auction vs Junkin.........

James and I had planned for a couple of weeks to attend an auction about 31/2 hours away. After a very LONG stressful week at work, I just did not have it in me to get up at 3:30am to ride round trip 7 hours in the truck not knowing if you will return with anything or not. The last few auctions we have gone to things are going very high, we try to buy right so we can sell right......and it is amazing me the prices dealers are paying for things. I can only guess they were going to Texas. So, we just went junkin instead.The day started a little slow but we kept looking. We got a Schwinn girls bike that is in great shape, A concrete donkey pulling a wagon, 2 metal stools, 3 barn doors, garden gate, heavy metal flower pot holders or candle holders, metal arched arbor that holds flower pots, patio table, patio chairs, mailboxes.....yes I will have mailboxes for sale this year! We have not unloaded the trailer yet, I'm sure I have forgotten something.....there were several smalls along the way. We hopefully will finish up my space today. I will get some picture to you beginning this week. Market is less than 2 weeks away, make sure you have Pheona's penciled on on your calendar sometime April 13 (6p-8p) or April 14 8a-3p.......happy Junkin.....Sheila

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