Sunday, November 14, 2010

Awesome Time at Pheona's

What a great weekend at Pheona's, I have a great team to help pull this off. I realized when loading all the pictures I did not get one of the food table.... these girls sure know how have a party! Thanks to everyone who came we really enjoyed ourselves and hope you did too. I hope you found a treasure you just could not live without and it had to go home with you. I know I found a few myself! For those of you that could not make it here are a few pictures of the evening... Well it's time to ready for next month...see you then. Sheila


  1. It was a great sale. I know I missed so much because it was crowded but probably didn't need it anyway (that's how I console myself). See you at the next one. Jan

  2. Great pictures! I just spotted my Mom in that 'umbrella line up' outside your shop picture! Hahahaha! She's the one with the short blonde hair, black pants, burgandy sweater! She attends for me when I can't get there. :(