Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Pheona's Open Sat June 12, 9-4

Well, it's been too long since I last entire month! Pheona's will be open Sat and we are Packed full of "Good Junque"! Everyone has worked very hard this month and it shows. I have posted an album on Facebook with several pictures and I still have a couple of vendors to set up. James and I have been to several auctions this month, some things will be ready for Sat and other will be works in progress for next month. We still have a trailer load waiting to be picked up in St. Louis from an auction last Sunday. We will be making the trip back to St. Louis Sunday to load up. If you are looking for show cases, we have 3 that we will be bringing back. Two of them are Vintage one is a little newer. Well, for your viewing pleasure here are a few photos of things you will see Sat. Hope to see you Sat.......

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